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APEC Water Systems FILTER-SET-ES Reviews

The APEC Water Systems Filter-Set-ES is a bundle of 3 standard size filters designed to enhance the RO system performance and facilitate the production of high-quality drinking water at quite an affordable price.

The set is made up of a pre-filter for the 1st stage, a carbon block filter for the 2nd stage and another carbon block post-filter for the 3rd stage of the RO filtration process. All three filters have excellent ability to remove different kinds of contaminants.

The pre-filter is a 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter that eliminates silt, sand, rust, dirt and other particles in the feed water that may damage the other filters and RO membrane.

The two other filters that form the 2nd and 3rd stages are extruded carbon block filters that remove contaminants down to 10 microns.

They are uniquely designed with a large surface area to maximize contact time hence they can achieve maximum efficiency in removing chlorine, chemicals, lead, toxic fluoride, arsenic chromium, unpleasant taste and odor as well as other many other impurities.

The filter set can last over 6 months and are compatible with any APEC Essence Series RO system. They can also work well with all other 10-inch standard size RO systems.

In short, these are high-performance replacement filters and they come at a very competitive design which makes them highly attractive for anyone looking for a set of three replacement filters.

Price & Rating

The APEC Water Systems FILTER-SET-ES Reviews is rated 4.8* out of 5* and reviewed by 648 verified purchase customers and it is listed at the price of 26.52$.

ProductAPEC Water Systems FILTER-SET-ES Reviews
BrandAPEC Water
Rating4.8 out of 5 stars
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APEC Water Systems FILTER-SET-ES Reviews

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